Since I got engaged, I have learned just how easy it is to go over budget and FAST on things for a wedding. Everything is so expensive from venues, to flowers, to food, and everything in between. I have, however, picked up some tips and tricks on saving money in different areas to help me stay within budget. If you are not scared of a little DIY (do-it-yourself), you can save some major dough by following the tips I have below.

  1. Use artificial flowers.
    Of course. Using artificial flowers is not traditional, but it can save a great deal of money. Hobby Lobby has their artificial flowers 50% off every couple weeks. You can create your wedding party bouquets and ceremony and reception décor using artificial flowers.
  2. Do your own food.
    Doing your own food takes a good bit of prep work, but it will save a lot of money. You also have a lot of freedom to be creative and do exactly what you want. It’s important for you to check with your venue to see if they allow outside food before you plan this option.
  3. Design and print your own wedding invitations.
    There are a ton of ways you can do your own wedding invitations. There are many ready made designs on Etsy you can pay a minimal fee for and then print yourself. Or, if you want to do like I did, you can design your own using a program such as PicMonkey then print them yourself.  Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding
  4. Have a dummy cake.
    What’s a dummy cake? Good question. You can buy multiple sizes of Styrofoam cake forms online. Then you cover and decorate the forms with fondant (I recommend paying a professional for this). The cost of a four sizes of round cake forms on the Wish app is approximately $30. Of course, you would have to add the cost of decorating it, but you could likely do the whole dummy cake for under $100-135 depending on how you want your cake decorated. If you wanted to serve real cake at the wedding, you could purchase sheet cake for under $100.
  5. Use empty wine bottles for centerpiece vases.
    If you are looking for free décor pieces, ask your wine drinking friends to save their empty wine bottles. You can decorate them and stick in a few flower stems for very inexpensive centerpieces for your reception.
  6. Have your ceremony and reception in the same venue.
    In my research, I have seen that it is much more cost efficient in most cases to have your ceremony and reception in the same place. You will save in venue fees by using the same venue for both.
  7. Buy a pre-owned dress.
    Before you have a heart attack and say you don’t want someone else’s dress, hear me out. Lots of women purchase dresses and then decide to go with a different dress, so they sell one still with tags for generally much cheaper than original price. I found my wedding dress pre-owned for $265 cheaper than in store. It still had the tags and was the perfect color. The seller shipped incredibly fast too. I bought my dress on a Monday evening, and it was at my doorstep on Thursday.


There are so many other ways to save money on your wedding. I never have wanted to spend so much money on my wedding that I end up paying for it for months or years after. What other ways have you found to save on your wedding costs?