It has been my passion for many years to be a work-at-home woman/mom. I never have been truly happy in an 8-5 job or in any kind of office. That’s just not my jam. Now, more than ever, there are so many opportunities for women who feel just like I do to actually make that dream a reality. More and more women are going back home and working while they stay home with kids, which I think it just beautiful.

I wanted to do a series on this blog about women who are making their dreams a reality through their own businesses in multi-level marketing companies. This week, I interviewed Brittany Carpenter from Texas with Premier Jewelry.

Brittany gives us an inside look at what it’s like to be in business with Premier Jewelry.

Read below for our interview.

Premier Jewelry

It’s Carli Darlin (ICD): What is the name of the business you are in?
Brittany Carpenter (BC): Premier Designs Jewelry

: What is your business about? The focus?
BC: Premier Designs is a biblically based company with the goal to enrich lives and serve others.  They were formed with three main needs in mind: Single moms, Military families, and Wives of ministers or missionaries.  All of these people needed ways to make extra income but didn’t have much time to do it.  Our founder was in the military, his mom was a single mom to 13!!, and his daughters were minister’s wives, so they intimately knew the struggles these families faced.  However, over time they have grown to support women and men from all walks of life, who are looking for part time income or full time income and anything in between.  Premier donates a large portion of their profits to support more than 80 different Christian ministries Worldwide as well.  We support a variety of causes from pregnancy support centers, to incarcerated inmates and their families, to those working to translate the bible, inner-city kids out-reach, to international mission work.

ICD: How long have you been doing your business?
I’ve been with Premier for seven years, I actually celebrate my Bling-a-versary next week! 🙂

ICD: What is your title?
I am a jeweler or independent distributor with Premier.

ICD: With so many MLM companies out there today, what made you decide to join the one you are in?
Premier to me is unique because of five things:

– It’s jewelry.  You can wear it, it gets noticed, it’s easy to transport, there’s no saturation level-women can never get enough, there’s always new trends for customers to try, and it’s the number one gift item in America.

-They offer all sales reps 50% profits, no matter how much or how little you sell, when, where or how.  No matter how long you’ve been in, or how many you sponsor, it’s always a flat 50% benefits for jewelers.

-They do not have quotas, inventory, or deliveries. Period.  Really! 🙂

-They’ve got the most generous hostess plan which comes from Premier and not me.  Hostesses earn on average $250 in FREE jewelry.  This makes people I don’t even know want to book, and keeps me from hounding my friends and family.

-They stand behind the product with a golden guarantee against manufacturer’s defects.  Anything you dislike or isn’t correct with your piece in first 60 days, it’s free, after that you just pay $5 plus tax to get a brand new piece!  Customers love that!

ICD: Are there leadership opportunities in your company?
here are many leadership opportunities.  I have been in leadership in the past, but right now I have one jeweler under me.  There are wonderful trips leaders can earn, as well as extra payment bonuses for training new jewelers.  As a “mommy or grandma” in Premier you earn 10% of the wholesale your downline makes for 3 levels.  (Sounds complicated right?!) It’s not.  For anyone who is in my first level, like a daughter, if they have a $400 show (less than our average), they will make $200 on the spot.  Then the next month Premier will send me a check for $20 because that’s 10% of what her wholesale cost was.  This is true for anyone she sponsors and anyone that person sponsors.  But it only goes for three levels, because we all know a buck only stretches so far. j!  On average if you grow a Premier “Family” you can expect to earn $50-$100 per month per jeweler who is working.  Because we have no quotas or inventory some jewelers may take a break if they want, like I am going to when I have my baby in May!

Premier Jewelry

ICD: What is the income potential with your company at your level? At levels above you?
gain Premier is pretty great because the income is always 50%.  It depends on if you want to grow a family which provides more residual income or not.  At my stage in life with two preschoolers and one on the way, and as a working teacher, I have decided to hold off on growing my Premier Family to grow my biological family 🙂 But on average for those who work another full time job like me, if you hold one show a week, you can expect to bring in an extra $800-$1000 a month.  Not bad for about 12 hours spent working a month!?

ICD: What are three things you would say it takes to be successful at your business?
To be successful at Premier you need a teachable spirit, a willingness to work, and a friendly attitude.  If you’ve got that your Premier sponsor can teach you everything else!

ICD: If you were talking to a brand new person in your business, what would you think they would need to know just starting?
o get started in Premier you should know that no doesn’t always mean no, it often means not right now.  Secondly, you should know that you’ve got a great thing to offer people, just like offering a slice of cake at a party, it’s not personal if someone says no, it just means it’s not for them.  Now you know, and you can focus on those who are interested.

ICD: What is your least favorite part of this business?
My least favorite part of the business is putting on my shoes.  Like any job, it’s tough to get off the couch and go at times, but a few times a month I do need to go out and do something to meet new people.  My circle of friends is great, but in order to keep from overusing them I need to meet new people.  I do this through going to jewelry events and shows, that my hostesses book.  When I’m there I have so much fun, making women feel special, eating brownies, helping people pick out jewelry for that special event or gift coming up, it’s so much fun!  But just like anything in life, sometimes it’s just “lacing up your shoes” that’s most painful.  I always come home refreshed, ready to enjoy time with my kids, excited that I helped support my family’s financial goals, and refreshed from some good ‘ol fashioned girl-time.

ICD: How much does it cost to get started as a business owner in your company?
Premier gives you a license to sell as much or as little as you’d like for an entire year, plus provides you with free shipping, free catalogs, paper goods to get started, and home office staff and training for just $395.  You can choose to select a jewelry package if you want, at 65% off the regular cost.  If you purchase this jewelry boutique, you can get the table cloth, carrying case, trays, ring sizer, neck boards, and bracelet bars, all for free.  If you’re not sure if you want to buy that right away, they let you buy it at the discounted price anytime in the first 30 days.

ICD: Are there monthly or yearly volume minimums to stay active?
There are no minimums or quotas.  At the end of the year if you’d like to do it again, you simply pay $350 to keep going.  That’s less than a dollar a day.  You can pay this in installments, all at once, or with points you earn on a Premier Jeweler Rewards Cards.

ICD: What is your business website I can share with my followers?

Thanks so much to Brittany Carpenter for participating in this Girl Boss series. I always love to see women working hard to make their own dreams come true and to make a living while still spending time with their families.

Girl Boss: Behind the Scenes of Premier Jewelry