Because I thoroughly enjoyed the first post in my Girl Boss series, I wanted to keep it up and continue interviewing women in multi-level marketing companies.  This week, I interviewed Meredith Hindman from Mississippi with Arbonne International. Meredith gives us an inside look at what it’s like to be in business with Arbonne.

Read below for our interview.

It’s Carli Darlin (ICD): What is the name of the business you are in?
Meredith Hindman (MH): Arbonne International

ICD: What is your business about? The focus?
MH:  We are a 37 year old health and wellness company! We focus on skincare, nutrition, and cosmetics. We have over 400 products that are pure, safe and beneficial for every member of your family!

ICD: How long have you been doing your business?
Almost 3 months!

ICD: What is your title?
MH:  I am an Independent Consultant as well as a District Manager.

ICD: With so many MLM companies out there today, what made you decide to join the one you are in?
I had decided that 2017 was my year to get back in shape and start taking better care of myself.  In December, I was approached with some information on the Arbonne opportunity. I decided since I would be giving the products a try, I may as well get a discount on them and signed up as a consultant. After a couple weeks, I decided this opportunity was too great to pass up and that I needed to focus on building a business! I liked the fact that there were very few consultants in my area as well.

ICD: Are there leadership opportunities in your company?
MH:  Arbonne has four levels of managements available: District Manager, Area Manager, Regional Vice President, and National Vice President.  Consultants of every level work together to encourage and raise each other up while building  their businesses! The level of support is unreal!!

ICD: What is the income potential with your company at your level? At levels above you?
MH: District Managers have the potential to make anywhere between $250- $1,000 a month.  Our Area Managers average $1,000 – $4,000 a month. Your business also becomes a willable asset at this level. Regional Vice Presidents can make between $4,000 and $14,000 and are also eligible to receive a Mercedes Benz allowance. Our National Vice Presidents average $21,500 a month, as well as their Mercedes bonus.

ICD: What are three things you would say it takes to be successful at your business?
MH: There are many different things I could say here, but here are my top three:
1. You will definitely want to get outside your comfort zone!!! This is where amazing things happens!

2. Grow a thick skin, MLM isn’t for everybody and you cannot take it personally!

3. Stay positive, you will have your highs and lows with this business just as everything else. Do not let that discourage you!

Girl Boss: Behind the Scenes of Arbonne

ICD: If you were talking to a brand new person in your business, what would you think they would need to know just starting?
It’s a learning process and can be overwhelming at times but don’t be afraid to ask for help! Also, being a product of the product speaks volumes, and people will notice!

ICD: What is your least favorite part of this business?
MH: My least favorite part of this business would definitely be the negative connotation often associated with network marketing. People have a tendency to run and say “No” before they truly know what they are saying “No” to.

ICD: How much does it cost to get started as a business owner in your company?
Our business starter kit is $79. This includes a few catalogs, samples and your own website for a year! However, from now until April 15th, you can sign up for only $39.50!

ICD: Are there monthly or yearly volume minimums to stay active?
There is no monthly minimum, you are just required to sell 1200 QV in 12 months to maintain your consultant status.

ICD: What is your business website I can share with my followers?

Thanks so much to Meredith Hindman for participating in the Girl Boss series. It is so exciting to see her in a leadership capacity after only being in the business for such a short time. This goes to show that with a little time and effort, women can grow a business right from their home and still have time with their family. 

Girl Boss: Behind the Scenes of Arbonne

Now, you tell me!!! What do you think it takes for a woman to be successful in business?

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