When I found out I was pregnant “accidentally,” I had a minor panic attack wondering how in the world I was going to afford a baby. My boyfriend and I had been together almost a year. However, he had not landed his first job out of law school yet.  I was working from home running a small business. In other words, I was pretty much broke.

YET, I knew that God had given me this sweet blessing, and if He gives a blessing, He will provide. He is our provider, after all. I just decided to pinch all my pennies and trust like crazy.

Finally, Bryan got a job in Memphis, and we trekked off to Southaven, just south of Memphis. When it came time to decorate a nursery for our bundle of joy, I quickly became overwhelmed by the costs of everything. Of course, I had a baby registry, but I knew everything would not be covered by that. I went into my thrift mode and decided I could decorate her room for very cheap (too bad not free).

Here’s how I saved:

Crib – I bought her Serta crib (retails for over $300 online) at an overstock store called Dirt Cheap for just $56. I was SOOOOO excited about this. The mattress was a $30 mattress from Walmart, yet for me it was FREE because my mom bought it as a baby gift. See my mattress here.

Crib Bedding – Like my mattress, my mom bought our crib quilt from Amazon, so for me it was FREE. See it here. I was able to earn enough points on Swagbucks to get an Amazon gift card and ultimately got my crib sheet for free also. See it here. Want to earn money back through Swagbucks? Join here.

Changing Table – Bryan found a garage sale down the street from our house. The lady was selling all sorts of baby stuff, so we scored our changing table with the changing pad for just $45.

Glider – Now my glider was not a cheapie, but for me it was FREE because my Daddy gave it to us as a baby gift. See our glider here.

Nursery on a Budger


Bookshelves –  I already had bookshelves that just so happened to look good with my new crib and changing table so I used those. Basically, that was free (although I paid for them a long time ago).

Decor – I think I spent a total of about $20 on decorations for her bedroom. I purchased three wooden letters in Reagans’s initials from Hobby Lobby like this. I wrapped them in yarn to match her bedding and crocheted a flower and attached to them. That project was the most expensive part of the decor in her room coming in at about $14. I also made flower vases by painting mason jars and wine bottles and putting artificial flowers in them. For the wall decor, I designed my own printables and put them in old photo frames I wasn’t using. I also made a ribbon banner with old ribbon I had in my craft drawer.

Nursery on a Budger

So there you have it. There’s my nursery. Of course, everything I had cost more than $200, but I was able to score a lot of free stuff via baby gift and Swagbucks.

Ok y’all. Tell me, in what areas did you save on your babies’ rooms? What are some other ways new moms can save on a nursery?