I have really been loving this Girl Boss series for the last couple of weeks. How exciting it has been for me to get a behind the scenes look at these awesome women and what they are doing in their businesses. Of course, I want to keep going, because who doesn’t want to learn more about awesome women who are making their dreams come true by being able to work their business and still have time with their families.

This week, I caught up with Tiffany Dansie who is making her dreams come true with Beachbody. Read below to check out our interview.

It’s Carli Darlin (ICD): What is the name of the business you are in?
Tiffany Dansie (TD)
Tiffany Dansie Fitness (Beachbody)

ICD: What is your business about? The focus?
TD: My focus in Beachbody is g
iving hope to women and moms to be the best they can be. My goal is for these women to work on achieving true physical, emotional, and mental health.

ICD: How long have you been doing your business?
TD: I have been in for 5 1/2 years.

ICD: What is your title?
TD: Technically I am a Beachbody coach, but I am the 
President, CEO of Tiffany Dansie Fitness.

ICD: With so many MLM companies out there today, what made you decide to join the one you are in?
I wasn’t looking for an MLM company or even to start up a business. I had been talking about my results with P90x on Facebook and how much I loved Tony Horton. A stranger reached out to me about the Coaching Opportunity and the possibility of possibly earning some money, doing exactly what I was already doing… sharing my story.

ICD: Are there leadership opportunities in your company?
Absolutely. You are in charge of your own potential and leadership. You can go as far as you want with it. I have built a team with Beachbody, and anyone else can do the same. 

ICD: What is the income potential with your company at your level? At levels above you?
The income potential is unlimited to be honest. What started as a hope to make a few extra dollars to help pay the grocery bill has turned into a multiple 6 figure income, working part time, from home. It was not my intention but as I started doing the basics of building a business, the income I started receiving was opening my eyes to the long term potential of something like this.

Girl Boss: Behind The Scenes of Beachbody

ICD: What are three things you would say it takes to be successful at your business?
TD: I would say the top three things are:

1. Consistency 

2. Working more on yourself than you do anything else 

3. Loving other people and having a heart to truly help them with their needs. Put your own needs on the back burner. “Learn more about people than your product and you’ll be unusually successful.”

ICD: If you were talking to a brand new person in your business, what would you think they would need to know just starting?
BASICS! Keep it super simple. 

1. Be a product of the products. Meaning, you need your own story with the products first and foremost, so get working on yourself. 

2. Start sharing that story and others stories 

3. Invite others to join with you when they have a need you can fill.

ICD: What is your least favorite part of this business?
When you work with a lot of women, there are going to be issues sometimes. 🙂 Some unnecessary drama. I don’t like that.

ICD: How much does it cost to get started as a business owner in your company?
TD: $39.95

ICD: Are there monthly or yearly volume minimums to stay active?
Our business fee is $15.95 every month which runs your websites for you, does all of your shipping and stocking of product. We don’t stock any product in our homes.

ICD: What is your business website I can share with my followers?
ou can find me on Facebook under www.facebook.com/tiffanydansiefitness

Girl Boss: Behind The Scenes of Beachbody