This Girl Boss series has been so much fun. It has been so awesome to get to see these boss babes just rocking their businesses and making anywhere from a little bit of money on the side all the way to six-figure incomes just doing their business. It seems ever more so that women are wanting to be in charge of their own destinies, and I am excited to get to take a peek into a few of these women’s lives to get a behind the scenes look at what they do.

This week, I caught up with Faith Adkins. She is rocking out her business selling LipSense through the company called Senegence. Check out our interview to get a glimpse of this company and what she does.

It’s Carli Darlin (ICD): What is the name of the business you are in?
Faith Adkins (FA): The company name is SeneGence, but we are most known for our product LipSense. 

ICD: What is your business about? The focus?
FA: Our focus is b
eauty, cosmetics and skin care.

ICD: How long have you been doing your business?
FA: 3 months

ICD: What is your title?
FA: I am a SeneGence Distributor

ICD: With so many MLM companies out there today, what made you decide to join the one you are in?
I decided to become a distributor with Senegence because I truly believe in the products. As someone who loves makeup, I was amazed when I tried LipSense for the first time. Not only did it stay on my lips, but it didn’t dry them out, smudge, or smear. From the first time I wore my LipSense, I knew it was a product I wanted to share with other women to make them feel confident and beautiful. I have since tried many of our other products and have been blown away by how great they are. SeneGence truly stands up to its customer commitment of 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

ICD: Are there leadership opportunities in your company?
There are wonderful leadership roles within the company. As a distributor, you have the option to build a team and lead them to success which I love!  As you continue to develop and build your team, you also continue to advance in the ranks at SeneGence. 

ICD: What is the income potential with your company at your level? At levels above you?
One of the things that I love about SeneGence is the sky is the limit on your income potential. Some women choose to make this business a hobby while others have quit their job and been able to provide a full time income to their family which is a huge blessing! My ultimate goal is to be able to work my SeneGence business full time and replace my current salary.

Girl Boss: A Behind the Scenes Look at What it's Like to be a LipSense Distributor

ICD: What are three things you would say it takes to be successful at your business?
he three things that it takes to be successful in this business are confidence, persistence, and faith. You have to be confident to put yourself out there and not easily get defeated when others shut you down. You have to be persistent as sometimes it might take multiple times of talking to someone before they fully buy into your product. Lastly, you have to have faith… in yourself, your product and your business. Faith will move mountains! 

ICD: If you were talking to a brand new person in your business, what would you think they would need to know just starting?
f someone was interested in the SeneGence business, they would need to know that in order to be successful you have to put the work in. No one becomes a millionaire overnight and most certainly not without a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. If you are willing to put in the time and energy, the sky truly is the limit on how successful you can become in this business. 

ICD: What is your least favorite part of this business?
FA: My
 least favorite part of any direct sales company is feeling like a “sales person.” I don’t want people to look at me and think I am pushing a product on them. Instead, I want people to see my love for the product and in turn they naturally want to know more because they can see my passion for it. 

ICD: How much does it cost to get started as a business owner in your company?
The startup fee is $55 to become a distributor. The thing I love about SeneGence is that there is no kit requirement so you can start out spending as little or as much as you like after you pay the $55 fee. 

ICD: Are there monthly or yearly volume minimums to stay active?
You have to order 100 pv (personal volume) every 6 months to stay active. If you don’t order that then your account goes inactive and you have to rejoin. There are several ways to earn money with SeneGence. No matter what you will get paid 10% off the first 100 pv (so $10) that your first line girls order if they order 300 pv or more  in that month. The next way to get paid is group sales volume. You need 3 girls under you that order 300 pv or more to get that. The more you build your team the higher commission you will make. You can only earn commission off lines 1-5 under you. 

ICD: What is your business website I can share with my followers?
I currently do all my business directly off my Facebook page as I carry inventory on hand and sell directly from that. Here is the link to join my VIP group and be the first to know about new colors and products arriving.

Girl Boss: A Behind the Scenes Look at What it's Like to be a LipSense Distributor


Thanks so much, Faith, for doing this interview with me. Thanks also for being a Girl Boss and making your dreams come true as a business owner.

So tell me, y’all! Have you tried LipSense? Did you like it?

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