This Girl Boss series has just blown me away on how awesome women can be. When we set our minds on doing something, there really is no stopping us. I have loved this series because it has shown me some very powerful women and how they are

This week, I caught up with Rebecca Flores…… Check out our interview to get a glimpse of this company and what she does.

It’s Carli Darlin (ICD): What is the name of the business you are in?
Rebecca Flores (RF): I work for Younique. 

: What is your business about? The focus?
Younique is all about uplifting, empowering, and validating women all over the world. We are a company with amazing cosmetic and skin care products, but we also care most about women feeling beautiful inside and outside. Younique products are so delicately made that many women with skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, severe acne, etc., can find full coverage for their skin that will not irritate and make the condition worse. Younique has a charitable foundation known as The Younique Foundation that helps women who have been sexually abused as children or adolescents. They host a retreat for these women to find their self-esteem and learn skills to help them find healing.

ICD: How long have you been doing your business?
I have been a part of this company for a little over a year.

ICD: What is your title?
RF: I am an Independent Presenter

ICD: With so many MLM companies out there today, what made you decide to join the one you are in?
I never had any intention of doing network marketing. I was searching for makeup to give me good coverage that was also good for sensitive skin because my skin is extremely sensitive. I discovered Younique and got in touch with a presenter and discovered that Younique goes by the European guidelines for cosmetics which bans harmful chemicals that are used in cosmetics in the USA. They are also cruelty free and I have a breed of dog that is commonly used for cosmetics testing. I ended up joining so that I could get an awesome discount on the products. In doing so, I not only fell in love with  products, but also the other presenters and the sisterhood we share.

ICD: Are there leadership opportunities in your company?
 In Younique, there are different ranks of Presenters. The good thing about the company is that you can still do well for yourself if you aren’t a top ranked Presenter because you earn commission on everything you sell, you don’t rely just on team members underneath you.

ICD: What is the income potential with your company at your level? At levels above you?
Income potential depends solely on what a presenter is willing to put into their business. We get our commissions 3 hours after a sale is made so how hard you hustle is how much you will earn. Higher ranks have different percentages of commissions. However, I could make more than someone higher than me in one month if they aren’t as active in their business during that time.


ICD: What are three things you would say it takes to be successful at your business?
Personally, in ANY network marketing or MLM business the three things I think you need are:

  1. Motivation: what makes you want to succeed in the business? Aside from the money, what drives you to do what you do? If you don’t love the company and its values,  you won’t be successful because you don’t have passion for it.
  2. Hard work: You can’t be in a network marketing or MLM business and just expect people to buy your products. You get out of the company what you put in. The top leaders got where they are by hustling not waiting.
  3. DO NOT BE SPAMMY: many people fail at this business because they think spamming people’s newsfeeds, emails, and inboxes is how they are going to be successful. Absolutely not. People want original opinions and original reviews and genuine concern. The most successful network marketing and MLM leaders in any company are successful because they are sharespeople NOT salespeople.

ICD: If you were talking to a brand new person in your business, what would you think they would need to know just starting?
RF: You have to work at this business every day to see results. You need to stay organize and learn about what the company stands for and what amazing things this company can do for women and yourself. 

ICD: What is your least favorite part of this business?
 There is nothing I don’t love about Younique. The company executives love their presenters and take care of us. My least favorite part of network marketing in general is the negative reputation it has. Some of the best products I’ve ever tried have been from network marketing businesses and I think all of the negative nancys out there would think differently if they sat down to understand them.

ICD: How much does it cost to get started as a business owner in your company?
 To be a Younique Presenter, you purchase a starter kit for $99 dollars. Right now the Presenter’s kit has over $300 worth of products in it, which is why I originally purchased the kit because I wanted to try make up at a discount.

ICD: Are there monthly or yearly volume minimums to stay active?
The greatest thing about Younique is you do not have to sell products to remain a presenter. As long as you sell $125 in 90 days (3 months) you remain active. I am a full time student, I work at a fitness studio, I am a professional dancer, and I’m a young, single woman that likes to travel and have fun. Sometimes I am too busy to work this business everyday and that’s the beauty of Younique. I don’t have to if I don’t want to. And I still get great deals on amazing products.

ICD: What is your business website I can share with my followers?
My website is If anyone is interested in learning more about Younique or the younique foundation they can read that there or contact me through email


Thanks so much, Rebecca, for allowing me to pick your brain and get an idea of what it is like to build a business with Younique.

So tell me, y’all. Who has tried Younique products? If you have, what’s your favorite product? If not, what’s your favorite beauty product you own? Bonus if you show a photo of it!!