Although I know the world is a big place, it sure does seem smaller these days because of airline travel. More people are able to see the world now because of airline travel.

Recently, I took my baby girl on a flight for the first time all the way to Athens, Greece. I am not going to lie or even pretend like I was ready for such an adventure leading up to it. In fact, when we boarded our first flight, I was just about shaking from anxiety.

Because I was so nervous about airline travel with my girl, I did a ton of research and asking other moms for tips and tricks for easy airline travel with babies (if there is a such thing). After traveling across the world with my little bug, I have just five tips for any mom planning to airline travel with an infant.

  1. Relax.
    This is the biggest thing, mama. If you’re nervous, your baby will likely sense that, and it will make for a much less pleasant flight. If your baby cries the whole time, oh well. The people around you will likely be sensitive to you. If they’re not, oh well. You’ll never see them again most likely.
  2. Wear Your Baby in the Airport
    One of my favorite mom purchases was my Tula Bliss Bouquet baby carrier. It was a lifesaver when we were navigating the Atlanta, Paris, and Athens airports. I highly recommend wearing your baby if at all possible. It frees up your hands to carry any baggage, and it helps you keep your baby close and secure to your body. If you’re looking for a great baby carrier, check this one out.
  3. Nurse/Bottle Feed During Takeoff
    If you can at all wait until take off to nurse or give your baby a bottle, it seems to really make a difference. The sucking action is supposed to help prevent their ears from popping and relieve some pressure.
  4. Have a pacifier handy
    In case your baby will not nurse or take a bottle, it’s always nice to have a pacifier handy if your baby will take one. Reagan’s favorite paci is her elephant wubbanub we call Ella Fante…..original I know. These are great pacis because they have a stuffed animal attached to them also. Get one here.
  5. Baby Ear planes
    My aunt recommended I bring baby ear planes for Reagan. I had never even heard of these, but we found them at the airport (for an arm and a leg). These little gems are supposed to relieve discomfort and pressure in babies’ ears during take offs and landings. Don’t wait and buy them at the airport. Buy a pair here before you go.

Always remember, mamas, you’re not alone. Lots of women travel with their babies. Just remember to breathe and enjoy yourself (if at all possible).

What other travel tips do you have that are helpful for moms traveling with infants?